The majority of photography on the web site may be licensed for commercial use. We welcome all inquiries regarding publishing rights for internet use and print media.
Please contact the Virginia Photo Art by telephone or email during regular business hours. Once you have provided some basic information, a price quote for your specified use will be provided. PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide images free of charge.

The purchase of one of our photographs from this website, from one of our vendors or from our studio directly grants you the right to display it as art in its original form only. You may mat and frame it as you please. Purchase of a print for display grants no right to copy, duplicate or alter the image itself in any way. Reproduction of these images in any form is strictly prohibited. The photography by Tim Rudziensky contained on this web site is registered with the Library of Congress. Unauthorized use of any image on this site is a violation of Federal Copyright Laws

For information on fees and how to obtain a Licensing Agreement for a specific use, please contact the gallery by e-mail at: or by telephone at 757 425 3110 during regular business hours.

BE ADVISED: We pursue ALL copyright infringements.